Valentines Prep is in full motion at our house, is it at yours? I am one of those crazy mom’s who thinks making her own valentines is less money then buying the ones pre made. I am pretty sure after making almost 90 of them that I have been dead wrong hahaha!! Next year…we may be just buying a boxed candy and writing our names on them. But other than that, I am kind of a lover of things moody and edgy and stepping outside the box of normalcy.

This beautiful elegantly styled Edgy Winter Wedding shoot was meant to inspire the modern bride to do just that! Be creative and let your true styles shine on your wedding day. Be who you are and be true to who you are! Wear a black dress if that is you, use dark colors (yes I am telling you to just stop that blush pink mold…yikes!) There are so many amazing things you can do on your wedding day to make the day your own, and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to do it! This incredible set up can easily be achieved by a couple for the wedding day.

Now I am off to figure out a valentines gift for my hubby! Why is it that the men are harder to give to on this holiday?? Seriously….send me your great ideas and good vibes.

See the amazing vendors listed below.

Hawkeye Photography
Ashley Hawkes
www.ashleyhawkesphotography. com hawkeyephotography

The Pear Blossom
Emily White

Blushing Blonde
Julie Maughan blushingblonde

The Pear Blossom
Emily White

Invitation Suite
Cassia Leigh
Cassia Leigh Design

Creative Wedding Events

Harlow Brides

Dress Designer
Elizabeth Dye

Custom Corset
Michelle Thorstrom
Damsel in this Dress

Sugar Cookies
Number 13 Studios

Robert Benson
Sugar Rush Video

Chantilly Mansion

Jeremy and Nichole Tippetts