I am pretty sure this incredible couple and this incredible love story is going down as one of my all time favorites!

From the Bride:

“I met Fabrizio at the end of summer 2016 through a dating app. After our first date, I knew that I had found my husband – and I even called my mom to tell her as much! He was everything I had been looking for and more, smart, fun, caring, genuine…and even Italian! 😉 We started hanging out consistently from that very first week and soon we were spending every amount of free time together. We even went grocery shopping together! It only took a month before we were openly talking marriage with each other. We both realized that this was going to be a lifelong relationship because of the deep friendship, honesty, and commitment.
Initially, both of us planned on a courtship of at least a year. As we were beginning to plan and set a timeline, we realized there were in a time crunch. Fabrizio had been accepted and was planning on going to dental school the following summer in July and it was already October. I would graduate the month before his move in June and naturally wanted to move across the country with him. However, both Fabrizio and I come from conservative religious families and maintain these same values so moving in before marriage wasn’t an option for us. Therefore, it seemed most favorable to marry before July in order to have the longest possible courtship although, with my school schedule, I would graduate only one short month before his move date.
However, the logistics of planning a wedding during my graduating year and then throwing said wedding, finding an apartment, and moving in together, and then moving back out across the country all over the course of one month seemed nigh impossible, to say the least. In addition, Fabrizio’s family was still mostly located in Italy. Even with a date six months away, it was unlikely they could make all the travel arrangements to come without longer notice. We didn’t want to have our large wedding celebrations without the groom’s whole side of the family.
Realizing that his family wouldn’t be able to come regardless of the date was actually a relief because it removed the cultural obligation of having an immediate big wedding reception and party. After many heartfelt discussions and weeks of pondering, we decided to simply elope and move forward with our marriage in November before my Christmas break. We knew we wanted to be together and it seemed a pity to waste any more time waiting simply to log in more “dating hours”. We were glad that we could have an intimate ceremony with the focus on our love and commitment, rather than the decorations, elaborate cake or wedding gifts. Our elopement was just about us and our love and our decision, rather than about all the other expenses society currently requires of a wedding. We wouldn’t have done it any other way. And nearly 9 months later, we consider it the best decision of our lives.”
From the HMUA: Kiana has gorgeous natural curl and we wanted to showcase her beautiful hair by doing an undone updo with swept curls framing her beautiful face. She had a cathedral length veil that tucked in the bottom of her updo. Her makeup was peachy and perfect for her skin tone. She has gorgeous skin and features so we used natural colors to enhance her beauty!
From the Florist: This multi-cultural couple and their unique backgrounds were such an inspiration for the florals and I wanted to combine flowers that represented both the unique looks and cultures of both the bride and the groom For the bride, I have stunning orchids and David Austen’s “Juliet” garden roses and I paired those with sprigs of eucalyptus, olive branches, and fresh rosemary as a nod to the groom and his Italian heritage. The result was a deeply meaningful bridal bouquet with organic sophistication and a heavenly fragrance.
The idea of a waterfall for their elopement I couldn’t think of a better way amplify their exotic beauty. There was a perfect pocket of light that danced around them and allowed for all the incredible textures of her hair, dress, florals, waterfall, and rocks to be the stars.

Thanks for sharing this intimate destination waterfall elopement with me and congratulations to Kiana and Fabrizio! You can find the contact information for all the elopement vendors below:

Vendor list:

Kiana & Fabrizio Cena
Ceremony Location: Grotto Falls, Payson, Utah

Florist and Cake artist
Emily White
The Pear Blossom

Ashley Hawkes
Hawkeye Photography

Julie Maughan
Blushing Blonde

Harlow Brides
Insta- @harlowbrides

Dress Designer:
Kite and Butterfly

Invitation Suite:
Cassia Leigh
Cassia Leigh Design