Hello. I am Ashley. Mom of 3 boys. Wife to the most handsome geeky Utes loving man. Interior Designer by education photographer by choice. I see the world in patterns. I am the queen of color coordination (subconsciously done half the time).  My soul sometimes belongs in the 1920s-1940s eras. Black and white photography moves me sometimes more than color. I never sit still. I am an ataxophobic. My world is loud and full of love. I will never cease to have something to say. I thrive off of creating, whether in my home, painting furniture, or behind my camera.

My photography style is full of candid moments but I also strive to provide some traditional elements to my posing as I know what “Mom’s” like best. I will guide you every step of the way. I am not afraid to take charge and teach. I will give you confidence in front of the camera and ease your nerves. My goal is that by the end of our session you will actually have had fun while doing so. I am here to help you through the process, from the beginning with locations and light, outfit choices, all the way through printing advice. Once you become a client of mine you will become a friend for life.

When I am not doing photography I can be found snuggled up to a good movie or show with my boys. Shopping….and probably more shopping. Being with family. Dating my husband. And longing for the outdoors. Things I will probably not be doing….would involve cooking…..and ironing….

Here’s a glimpse into my world.