How many times do brides long for the epic scenery of an elopement for their wedding imagery but also long for traditions of family and friends in attendance only to find the difficulty of obtaining both? We created this stunning destination bridal session to help that bride with just this issue. Plan your incredible bridals or formal sessions with your vendors before hand in the places that you dream of. Even grab your bridesmaids and make it a bachelorette getaway! Then come home to be married with all your loved ones in attendance.

In Utah we are so spoiled with incredible wonders such as Moab and Arches National Park. We knew with this shoot we needed to include the surroundings that make one swoon. Along with some incredibly talented vendors this shoot was thing of perfection and fit the vision I had created in my mind.

From the florist: The rock features and natural landscape in and around Moab were a real source of inspiration both in color and in movement. I wanted colors that would compliment the palette of the dress and the surrounding rock and undergrowth. An ombre floral bouquet of white, cream, and yellow with pops of sage and grey was the perfect accent to the slate purples and red rock! With the grandeur of the Colorado River and Kane Creek as our backdrop, this dramatic bouquet features locally foraged undergrowth like sage brush and juniper, along with textural details like air plants, cacti, and raw branches to create an emotional, sweeping floral bouquet. Those same elements of air plants, cacti, and branches were used to soften and romance our bridal sitting area. I love the juxtaposition of the sheer cliff faces with the intensely textural bouquet.
From the Hair and Makeup Artist: My most requested bridal look for 2017 has been the half up and half down look. This beautiful bridal style is the perfect showcase for any head piece a bride chooses. We used a smooth texture to showcase the Danani Handmade Stone headwear. This would also be beautiful with a veil.  For makeup I was inspired by the red rocks bringing in oranges onto her eye lids, and plum into her crease and onto her lips to tie in the purple skirt and local natural colors. It was traditional, dramatic, and romantic.
Ashley Hawkes
Hawkeye Photography
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Emily White,
The Pear Blossom
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Julie Maughan
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Head Adornment:
Danani Handmade Adornements
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Wedding Gown (Grey Top used in all images, and Cream skirt)
J.Noelle Design
Purple Skirt:
Local Utah Seamstress- Syd Howard